An Eastern Mediterranean pastry made with nuts, flaky phyllo dough and a sweet syrup. Our inspiration comes from a traditional family recipe that has been in our family for many generations made with walnuts, cinnamon and honey, three ingredients that are most common among Greek sweets.

We prepare a variety of baklava in both rolled and layered styles. Each pastry is lightly drizzled in a family recipe syrup using a blend of raw honey and cane sugar. Our baklava collection includes classic and 'couture' flavors, such as; pistachio, hazelnut-chocolate, rose-cardamom, apricot, smoked salt, chocolate-cayenne, lavender and fig to name a few | standard size (6” rolled cigar, 3x3” layered) $3.50/piece - $25/dozen -- contact us for bulk/catering and wholesale prices
COOKIES & CONFECTIONS                                                                  
MELOMAKARONA spiced honey walnut cookie with clove, cinnamon, orange zest & brandy | $1 per piece - $15/24pc
KOURABIEDES shortbread cookie with almond, powdered sugar dusting | $1 per piece - $15/24pc
KOULOURAKIA twisted butter cookie, with / without sesame garnish | $1 per piece - $15/24pc
PASTELI ancient sesame brittle with pistachio, honey, cane sugar [gf] | $4/pkg
ASSORTED SCONES rosemary-lemon, hazelnut-greek coffee, cranberry-orange [all scones are gluten-free] | $4.75 ea

PAXIMADI assorted savory toasts, sized to dip into our spreads | $3.99/pkg
PITA olive oil flatbread, hint of sea salt | $5.49/5pc 
KOULOURI sesame studded “street bread” ring, lightly sweet crust | $3 ea
VILLAGE country style loaf | $6/half (2lb), $10/whole (4lb)
ILIOPITA olive and parsley loaf | $6 (1.5lb)
TAHINOPITA sweet tahini rolls | $4-7/various sizes
TSOUREKI buttery egg bread, anise or mahlep flavor | $7-$28/various sizes
:: Tsoureki available with dyed egg during Easter, special order ::

MELITZANOSALATA chunky stewed eggplant with pine nut and raisin [gf] | $5/10oz container
MARINATED OLIVES family farmed greek olives, garlic, citrus zest, rosemary, fennel seed [gf] | $5/10oz container
TZATZIKI strained local yogurt blended with fresh dill, garlic, lemon, olive oil, salt [gf] | $6/10oz container
STRAINED LOCAL YOGURT & HONEY paired with fruit and/or nuts [gf] | $6/8oz container
LOCAL FETA & CRETAN HONEY sweet and salty perfection with greek thyme bud garnish [gf] | $4.49/8oz container

LOCAL GRAIN BOWL [WINTER], small farmed, local wheat berry and feta, imported greek herbs, fresh orange, sliced almond, olive oil - local honey vinaigrette | $6.99/10oz bowl

BOUGATSA lemon-vanilla custard pie, phyllo, cinnamon and sugar dusting | $5
GALAKTOBOUREKO lemon-vanilla custard pie, phyllo, honey syrup | $4.50
RAVANI buttery semolina cake, honey syrup | $4.50
KARIDOPITA buttery semolina cake, walnuts, honey syrup | $4.50
VASILOPITA spiced citrus cake-like bread with hidden coin | $22 / 9" round

:: Vasilopita available first week of January only, special order :: 

Our savory pastries are made with various doughs; scratch-made hearty "hand pie" dough, scratch made phyllo, and conventional thin flaky phyllo.  Seasonal varieties market priced. 
SPANAKOPITA spinach, leek, spring onion, dill, feta | $6  
TIROPITA ricotta, feta and grated cheeses, dill | $6
ILIOPITA kalamata olives, poppy-rosemary garnish | $4 
PRASOPITA leek, ricotta $6
MARKET GREEN kale (or other), ricotta $6
KOLOKYTHOPITA fall squash, raisin, thyme, sesame garnish (Fall)
FLAOUNA mild cheese, raisin, mint, sesame garnish (Spring)

Our food philosophy is natural and free of artificial ingredients.

We strive to support local and responsibly crafted products from farmers, suppliers and artisans we know on a first name basis. Some of our small, family farmed partnerships include:


Banner Bee Co., MD • Sweet Sophia, VA • Saviolakis Family, GREECE


Full Cellar Farm, MD


Freddy Guys Hazelnuts, OR • Pistachio Factory, CA


Twin Post Farm, MD • Evensong Farm, MD 


Quaker Valley Farm, PA • Spring Valley Farm, WV • Plus other friends in the FRESHFARM Farmers Market Community  


Keswick Creamery, PA


Manoli Canoli, GREECE


Delta Produce, King Arthur Flour, Hellenic Farms

We believe in transparency when it comes to the ingredients we source for products we make and share with you.  We sure hope you appreciate our efforts in sourcing both small farmed and high quality ingredients.