Menu & Catering

Since 2011, we are committed to producing quality baked goods entirely from scratch.  From our baklava to our breads, each product is hand crafted with care using only real and simple ingredients.  We proudly and responsibly keep cheap, filler oils and artificial ingredients and preservatives away from our products to ensure you take away only pure, old-world quality goods.   

Welcome to our kitchen, we look forward to serving you! 


S Y R O P I A S T A  /  S Y R U P  S W E E T S

our family recipe "honey syrup" is a blend of real honey and cane sugar 

b a k l a v a
nut pastry, flaky phyllo dough, honey syrup.  enjoy from our classic walnut, or other varieties 

m e l o m a k a r o n a
honey syrup olive oil cookie with walnuts, cinnamon, clove, brandy and orange zest  [dairy & egg free] 

also available dipped in chocolate [contains dairy]

r a v a n i

buttery semolina cake, drizzled in honey syrup

k a r i d o p i t a

buttery semolina cake with walnuts, drizzled in honey syrup

g a l a k t o b o u r e k o

custard pastry with lemon zest and vanilla, flaky phyllo, honey syrup

d i p l e s

fried dough ribbons, honey syrup, cinnamon & walnut garnish


O T H E R  S W E E T S

v a s i l o p i t a

king cake, lightly sweet bread-like cake, citrus zest, allspice, sugar dusted

k e i k  s o k o l a t a 

chocolate olive oil cake, sweet tahini frosting

k o u r a b i e d e s

toasted almond shortbread cookie, sugar dusted

k o u l o u r a k i a 

classic butter cookie, assorted twist shapes

p a s t e l i

sesame-honey brittle with pistachio [gluten-free]

b o u g a t s a

custard filled phyllo pie, cinnamon and sugar dusted


F R O M   T H E   F I E L D

savory pies, from classics to chef inspired 

s p a n a k o p i t a

fresh spinach, onion, dill, feta, phyllo dough

t i r o p i t a

three cheese; ricotta, feta, kasseri, dill, phyllo dough

p r a s o p i t a

leek, feta, kasseri, phyllo dough

o t h e r  /  s e a s o n a l

we offer a variety of savory pies inspired by the season; oven-dried tomato & feta, butternut & raisin, mushroom -- to name a few.