About Us

Baklava Couture was founded in 2011 by former Interior Designer turned Pastry Entrepreneur, Katerina, who looked to the cultural Greek sweets she grew up with at a new angle.  Baklava was something she always found overly sweet, so she began experimenting.  Inspired by haute chocolates, she began in her herb garden by infusing syrups with rosemary and lavender, eventually pairing her baklava with scratch made candied garlic, smoked salts, florals, fruits and other exotic combinations to rediscover how enjoyable nuts, flaky pastry and a light drizzling of sweetness can truly be.  In recent years, she has begun focussing on more traditional sweets to carry family recipes into the next generation, still adding touches of unique flair, flavor and presentation. 

Our Ingredients

Our food philosophy is clean and free of artificial ingredients.  We strive to support local and responsibly crafted products from farmers and artisans we know on a first name basis.  As we continue to grow our business, so will our commitment to supporting and preserving more sustainable practices. Thank you for your support and becoming a part of our journey!

Some of our small, family farmed partnerships include:


Katerina Georgallas explores her Greek heritage through Baklava Couture

The Washington Post Express, Thursday April 17, 2014

When she was growing up in Rockville, Katerina Georgallas, a Greek-American, wasn’t a fan of baklava. (For shame!) Her family’s version of the classic dessert with layers of phyllo and nuts soaked in syrup always seemed too sweet to enjoy, she says.

But a job layoff in 2009 and a desire to start her own food business gave the Silver Spring resident the chance to revisit baklava and ask: What if the syrup could be lightened? Georgallas, who has an interior design degree, began experimenting with different types of honey and added rosemary and lavender plucked from her parents’ garden. Two years later, she launched Baklava Couture and began selling her pastries at local FreshFarm Markets. READ MORE>>